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The Otteys

     Born from a humble background to parents Delroy Ottey (father) and Eulet Ottey (mother), the Otteys began
singing from a very young age. The group originally consisted of 4 siblings Marjorie, Oral, Karren and Stephaney
with Marjorie being the lead vocalist. The 4 began their collaboration as far back as 1980 while they were still in
grade school. It was very evident at the time that they were destined to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through
 songs. Being the children of a pastor, the 4 were continously inspired by their parents throughout the years to hold on to their dreams of singing Christian music on a larger scale to reach both the young and elderly of diverse cultures and ethnicities. After migrating from their native homeland, Jamaica West Indies, to Miami Florida in the United States of America, they were blessed with the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

     In 1990, after arriving to Miami, the 4 decided to concentrate on career goals for a while. As time went by the group's lead vocalist (Marjorie) felt that the Lord was calling her in a new direction and so she left the group to follow that path. Although this was a great disappointment to the rest of the siblings in the group, they were in no way broken. Instead their spirits and enthusiasm grew stronger which led to the birth of a confident Christian music trio. During this time, the newly formed trio rehearsed relentlessly and continued doing performances in the state of Florida. Approximately 15 years later, after the establishment of their individual careers and families, the trio decided that it was time to truly embrace the gift, talent and calling that God had placed upon their lives. It would take them another seven years (2012) to finally complete their first Christian album together. Today the trio is happy with this production and is ready to share Christ's message with the whole world.

     Their style of music which includes reggae, hip hop, R and B, southern gospel , and pop is truly an appropriate blend, designed to reach the hearts and souls of men, women and children across the globe. The debut ablum entitled "Heaven Is Calling," is filled with the emphasis on the signs of the end of the age. The fundamental message is that the second coming of Jesus is closer than we can imagine and now is the acceptable year of the Lord. This album, which consists of 13 tracks, promises to bring your soul, heart, spirit, and mind in a place of complete comfort and connection with God. Expect to be totally blessed and empowered with some of the most outstanding and amazing variety of Christian music you have ever heard from "The Otteys."